PLEASE READ Video-118PCI Nvidia geforce 2 mx 400

By kostas04
Dec 27, 2003
  1. ive looked around and found some threads on this , but i honestly didnt understand anything, i bought a Video-118PCI Nvidia geforce 2 mx 400 yesterday , from the moments i installed it i was having problems, finally fix somethings, i was playing unreal tournament 2003 b4 i installed direct x 9 and got the latest nvidia drivers , after i updated everything , unreal tournaments stopped working , as soon as i start it in freezes my computer, like it would give me a black blank screen , the alt control delete dosent work and i have to press the reset button.i tried going back to the old drivers and that didnt work either , i can play call of duty fine but when i try to play something like max payne 2 or need for speed underground, the game starts fine but then freezes in the middle or after a little bit or in certain areas, it reminds of me of the old nes when it would freeze and would freeze the sound, cant do nothing but press the reset button. im using xp pro, 256 mb sdram , 1.3 ghz intel celeron , thats all know about, what can i do to fix this problems , im afraid to unstall direct x cause b4 i upgraded it to the latest i was having these weird problems where my monitor wouldnt display anythin or had these weird likes or seemed liek the screen was stretched,, those problems are gone but i cant really play the games i want, does anything one know of a solution ? i dont know much about computers so can some one please give me detailed instructions, like when u say to do something like use old drivers , can you please tell me where to get them .I have spent hours trying to fix this and im offcially frustrated.
  2. fearcrest

    fearcrest TS Rookie Posts: 17

    go with the 45.23 drivers the latest ones seem to have a bit of bugs.
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