Please review my HijackThis log file

By rsw389 ยท 4 replies
Aug 22, 2005
  1. Hello, please review my HijackThis log file and tell me which programs to fix/remove.
  2. Spike

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  3. Spike

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    Is there anything wrong with your machine that is causing you to suspect an infection? Your HJT log looks clean to me, with the exception of Spyware doctor (some say it's ok, others don't. I'm on the side that's against it), and AOL - which you probably need if you use AOL for your internet.

    Other than that it seems pretty clean to me. A little cluttered, yes, but nothing really nasty.
  4. rsw389

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    When you say that you don't think that Spyware Doctor is okay... what do you mean?
  5. Spike

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    well, some find it to be the most wonderful product there ever was. Others are really suspicious...

    Personally, I'm a little suspicious by the aggressive marketing techniques of the company that make it, and I've heared reports of false positives. As I say though, I've also heared good things about it.

    At the end of the day, my personal opinion is that it's simply not worth the bother when there are so many other renowned and perfectly sufficiend anti-spyware apps out there.
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