please tell me the difference in these cards!!!!

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Mar 12, 2006
  1. SOcRatEs

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    Your links don't work
  2. truflip

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    7600GT is a card set between the 6800GS and the 7800GT but is the same price as the 6800GS.. i guess the only difference is that it has a 128-bit interface and a much faster clock speed (compared to the 6800GS)

    the 7900GT is like the 7800GTX while the 7900GTX is the higher end version of it.

    The main thing is that they use a 90nm chip whcih means they are smaller. less transistors so less heat = higher clock speeds and OC-bility.
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    good answer, thansk man
  4. kirock

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    Umm I think there's pixel pipeline differneces too. Like the 7900 has 16 I think, and the 7600 would have 8? I didn't look this up obviously, but you get the point.
  5. truflip

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    FYI, 7900GT has 24 pipelines and the 7600GT has 12. ur kinda way off =P
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