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Plese help Windows XP wont boot

By FreeStyle786
Mar 22, 2006
  1. Just out of the blue my computer wont boot up. I can't find my MS WIN XP PRO cd but I got this XP SP2 PRO cd and I don't know if it matter but I boot the disk and it asks hit any key to continue and I do then it says my system aint starting corectly blah then it gives me 1 option that us to switch to a prev system config called profile 1 an i hit ok the windows tried to start back up but nope same thing, blue screen with borders and MS WIN XP logo. The disk didn't give me an option to repair and I really need my computer and ont wanna play out $45-$120 to get it fixed if its an easy job.
  2. wlknaack

    wlknaack TS Rookie Posts: 143

    You are going to need your installation CD in order to go into repair so you can run fixmbr, bootcfg and the like to see where the problem is in the boot sector. You can call Microsoft to try to arrange for them to provide you with a replacement CD, which you will need if you end up needing to reinstall WinXP Pro. In the meantime, you if you can borrow someone's installation CD, you can legally use it to repair your installation. Also, if you have DOS boot disk, you can use the fdisk commands, like fdisk /mbr, to see what problems you may have in your boot sector or with your HDD.

    Try the following link for suggestions:

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