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Pls. Help. My hotmail doesn't work

By scbalaji
Jan 15, 2008
  1. Dear all,
    When I put my user id and password in hotmail, i get only a blank page and 'done' at the bottom. i tried deleting cookies, temporary files, turning off firewall, tried with firefox and opera. but of no use. can u pls solve my problem.
    with regards,
    s.c. balaji
  2. majorblenks

    majorblenks TS Rookie Posts: 29

    what do you get come up when logging in with firefox?

    can you access hotmail on anyother machine?

    it might be worth doing a scan for spyware etc - that sort of thing could be interfering with hotmail
  3. Cinders

    Cinders TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 872   +12

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