pls help winodows not booting

By leannabelle
Jul 19, 2005
  1. Hi My laptop will not load win xp and I have no idea why as it worked fine yesterday. It begins to load windows showing the screen with the bar moving altough this takes an unusally long time 15/20 mins then I get a flash of a blue screen then it restarts. I have tried to run in safe mode and last know startup but everything just does the same. The other problem I have is that my recovery disk is in a different country to which I am so I can not try that.
    I can not think what else to try. Any suggestions will be most appreciated please help.
  2. hkeycurrentuser

    hkeycurrentuser TS Rookie

    winodows not booting

    It could be a marginal piece of hardware, like a failing VGA or RAM. In fact after having added a second bank of RAM to a brand new system I recently built my computer did just what yours is doing except the reboot-loop cycle took less than a minute and a half. Worse still, each time the system rebooted itself it got dumber and dumber--culminating in screenfuls of clunky command prompt messages about missing or damaged device drivers.

    Since you're posting you've obviously got access to a computer. Aren't there any computer PEOPLE where you are who could lend you a diagnostic and/or recovery disc? There are some pretty good diagnostic utilities available on the Internet for free that will run from a floppy. If you decide to try this but the system wants to boot PAST the floppy drive you'll have to go into your BIOS settings and make the floppy drive your 1st boot device.

    Best of luck.
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