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By buzz234
Jan 12, 2005
  1. Hey all,

    with my SHuttle SN95G5 i bought myself there acessory remote control. its awsome, BUT, i know it powers down using the remotes power button - how on earth do i get it to power up from remote?

    The sensor is off (no power from unit) when the machines off. therefore usb isnt being powered. is this a bios issue - i cant seem to find help on this anywhere..


  2. Talon0226

    Talon0226 TS Rookie

    Well I didn't see anything in the manual. I think the best people to ask would be Shuttle themselves. If the computer is off I could see the sensor not working. Maybe if you put the computer in hibernation mode the remote will bring it back out. Good idea to try, if that's not the answer you want then contact Shuttle. Good luck!
  3. buzz234

    buzz234 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    anyone else have any experience in getting this to work?

  4. buzz234

    buzz234 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I have even tried replacing the shuttle sensor into a PS2 adaptor (USB to PS2) as the PS2 is always on even when the machine is off (the PS2 adaptor is on standby) however,nothing helped! the sensor wouldnt work in standby mode, and wouldnt act as a power on option.

    ANY ideas?..

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