Plug in Error Messages forever

By veganfreak
Jul 17, 2007
  1. Greetings`-<
    I am going berserk. Since I uploaded Itunes, I cannot download radio show podcasts without getting 'plug in error' messages and/or 'problem initializing page' prompts.
    I've trashed everything in Itunes but no luck. I've updated Internet Explorer but can only listen online, if that. Please show me the error of my ways.
    Ciao Rosemary
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    I would uninstall, reboot, delete some files and then reinstall-- here's the scoop.

    iTunes & Quicktime are bundled, so use cp->add/delete to dump both BUT WAIT...
    you will want to save your music library (if it is sizible like mine)

    the library is located in My Music\iTunes
    (\documents and settings\your-login-id\My Documents\My Music)
    save the iTunes folded on some other device or at least in a root level directory
    eg c:\iTunes

    after the remove itunes, here are some more directories to be pruned:
    delete C:\Documents and Settings\your-login-id\Application Data\Apple Computer\*
    delete C:\Documents and Settings\your-login-id\Local Settings\Application Data\Apple Computer

    now reinstall iTunes. Your music library should be intact, but if not,
    just copy-replace the new one with your saved copy of the iTunes directory.
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    Thank you...Now thats "religion."
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