Plz help me in tis game !!!!

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Oct 3, 2005
  1. When i playing lord of the rings - the battle of middle earth, i found tat my pc is a bit lacking when loading the game.
    2nd is when i playing on red alert command and conquer general, i was see the land is in black color. wah, it is hard to play.
    i oso dunno why i can face this problem.
    can anybody help me in??

    my pc spec is:
    AMD 64 bit 2800
    abit kv8 motherboard
    abit ati radeon 9550 uguru
    512 DDR ram

    is that the setting of 3D card or anything else??
  2. MrGaribaldi

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    Have you tried updating your graphics drivers?
    Here you select your Operating System (OS) and will be directed to the latest drivers. Follow the install instructions to be sure of a clean upgrade, and you should hopefully be rid of the problem.
  3. nakata04

    nakata04 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ya sure i had been update my driver, i had found tat my previous problem on need for speed underground 2 is settle. b4 tat i cant change to the most high quality, now i can change to the highest quality in the game.
    but now i face the problem on red alert command n conquer general.
    during i log in to the game, at the game option menu. the graphic show is the battle of tank and aircraft shhoting around. in there i can see builing with color but dint see the land with color, haha i oso dunno the problem is. i try to adjust game video setting to the lowest, but the output is the same.
    Then for game of The battle of middle earth, when i m in the game fighting around enemy. sometime, i will feel that there is a bit of game lacking. but there is only abit of lacking. So i really dont understand, for my graphic card n board n processor. it should be no problem in gaming.

    Izzit the main problem is the setting of 3D at my own System???
    Coz i not really know how to set the setting of it.
  4. jwatkins712

    jwatkins712 TS Rookie

    Shut down background tasks

    the game manual for lotr suggests that you run task manager and shut down any background processes that might be using up memory. this will help the game to run a bit faster.
  5. nakata04

    nakata04 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    so wat kind of process that i can end it??
  6. jwatkins712

    jwatkins712 TS Rookie


    i don't know exactly which processes to end, but the user's manual lists them in the support area.
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