Pop ups & WinAntispyware2007 problems

By danstand
Sep 11, 2007
  1. Hi!
    I need a little help!

    I clicked on a link that redirected me to an unknown site where a download window appeared. It was complete before I could stop it. This is where the problem began. I began getting a huge amount of pop-ups whenever I logged on to Explorer including WinAntispyware2007, Errorsafe, Podshow, and the list goes on. I went through Howard_Hopkinso's list and did the following below.

    1.Ran a virus scan with my Trend Micro program (Both on my pc, and online.) None found.
    2. Ran SS&D with new updates
    3. Ran AAW SE Personal with new updates
    4. Ran CCleaner
    5. Ran SmitFraudfix
    6. Ran Virtumundo
    7. Ran Vundofix
    8. Ran AVG Antirootkit fix (None found) View attachment 21999
    9. Ran Combofix (Log attached)
    10. Ran HiJackthis (Log Attached)
    11. Ran AVG Antispyware (Log Attached)

    I rebooted and logged onto Explorer to post this thread. So far, I do not have any popups. Can you help me make sure I have all this stuff cleared?


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