Popular seven-year-old Steam game gets price increase due to inflation


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I don't think I have ever paid full price for any game. I'll happily replay Witcher 3 and kill another 300 hours. By the time I'm done, the "new" Game will be on sale for 1/2 price or less.

I also check this site < https://www.indiegamebundles.com/category/free/ > regularly. It is like a newsfeed of every free game currently being offered by major sites like STEAM, Epic, Origin etc. I have scored many freebies that were major AAA hits just a few years ago. Epic is giving away Dishonored: Death of the Outsider as I write this. It's $30 on STEAM.

If you're not an online co-op gamer, you can pad your library and never run out of material while waiting for the flavor-of-the-month to go on sale. I probably have 75+ games that I haven't gotten around to.

That said, I used to be a computer tech and had many coworkers who were in varying degrees of the autism spectrum. They spoke very highly of both Factorio and Cities Skylines. It would likely bore me to tears.
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