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Possible ISP World of Warcraft block?

By Snipurs
Dec 13, 2007
  1. I was playing WoW about 2 Am on Dec 13, Then I signed out because of lag because I kept Alt/taping to thottbot ^^ Any way I find my self not being able to log into World of warcraft.

    The Error, Unable to connect. Did all the things it asks me to.(Did everything with the router) I go to Worldofwarcraft.com and it's giving me server timed out. Like it isn't there! So I can't get onto the Website Nor the game, on either my lap top or my desktop, or my brothers lap top (Just tryed Worldofwarcraft.com) But every other website is fine (Wouldn't be typing this lol). When I load the launcher it gives me check the network. Yet there is no problem I never had to open any ports I did any way but still no effect.

    There really can be only two reasons then, One would be my dad called up the ISP and told them to block, OR the snow storm is just messing things up. Whats even weirder 1 of my friends is already on the main website is downloading one of the old patches!!

    Some1 please help. TY for your time. Snipurs
  2. e-noob

    e-noob TS Rookie

    blizzard dose this alot... if your lagging or the game crashes and you cant connect back best thing to do is turn your modem off and back on and maybe reset your computer/ check you dont have anything else running like limewire msn or on myspace if you use home wi fi like me check to make sure someone else in your house that has a computer isnt online because that can give you bad connection problems. also im not sure about wow but on d2 if you log in and out of alot of games to fast they temp ban you for 12 hours, server might be closed for repairs and updates check the blizz page for server repair times
  3. xXxZxXx

    xXxZxXx TS Rookie Posts: 77

    I doubt this will help much, shut down your computer(s). Disconnect your router and directly hook your cable model to your computer ( if possible ). Take the power plug out the back of your cable modem, wait like 15-30 seconds and plug back in. Turn on your computer and try it, if not contact your ISP and ask them what's going on.
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