Possible master boot virus

By Nacm112
Feb 17, 2008
  1. Recently my computer has been freezing and crashing somewhat sporatically at first but now you can barely even do anything before it freezes. I tried system restore and identifying any suspicious processes but to no avail. I am to the point of wanting to shoot in the face, so if any can help or knows what is wrong i would greatly appreciate.(also sorry for the lack of background information)
  2. anand1

    anand1 TS Rookie

    Start ur system in safe mode and try restore the system.

    If it is not solved the in safe mode go for system scan up with updated antivirus.

    even then nothing happens than do this
    go to run type sfc /scannow this will ask for ur OS cd Disk provide it and it will repair ur System File.
  3. Nacm112

    Nacm112 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    that didnt work because you can't use sfc /scannow in safemode which is the only mode i can use without it freezing
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