Possible problem with video card?

By CaptainInsano · 12 replies
Nov 3, 2004
  1. ok i need help with this one: whenever i try and play ANY game, after about 1 and a half minutes into playing, it freezes for about 3 minutes, then resumes for a second, then freezes, and continues to do so until i ctrl+alt+del or turn the damn thing off. ive tried reinstalling, and installing older video card drivers (have a geforce ti4600), tried reinstalling directx. and still the problem. even reinstalled XP. now im thinking it would be ram, or the video card? i dont know. can someone tell me??
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Caused most likely by overheating of your CPU. While the PC is running, open the side-panel and check that the fan on the CPU is running. It may also have come loose. Switch the PC off and unplug the mains-cable before you check it.
    Check the temperatures of CPU and mobo. If any fans are dusty, clean them out with compressed air (do NOT use a vacuum cleaner). If you can, take the fan(s) out and do this outside!
  3. CaptainInsano

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    ok i checked the fan, it isnt loose, and already pretty clean inside the case and fans. i ran a game, and saw that the cpu temperature only got to 138f and never went over that...even when the game started to freeze up like always...the alert temp. in MBM 5 is 158 degrees, although im not sure how hot is too hot. still cant think of what is causing this.
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    go to www.cpuidle.de and install CPUidle. That lowers the CPU-temperature by about 8-10 deg. Centigrade.
    I still think that your cooler is not properly seated upon the CPU. Does it have a thermal pad rather than thermal paste, and did you take it out/put it back recently?
    Also, the temperature sensor might not work correct. Try other means of getting that temperature.
  5. CaptainInsano

    CaptainInsano TS Rookie Topic Starter

    k so ive gotten multiple temperature programs (including cpuidle) and all are saying the same temperature, also in the BIOS it is saying the same temperature, the fan is on the cpu correctly. ran a game, watched the temperature gauges, and didnt get hot at all...and still froze like usual. im thinking this might be a video card problem? the card is a year or so old i guess...or maybe the ram? still stuck on this one
  6. Liquidlen

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    Take a look at actual demands for the game in comparison to what is on your machine.
    Eg. Do you have more Ram than what is required?Is your free disk space ,processor,etc higher than requirements.
    Disable all unnecessary services and programs during game Play.
    What is your Pagefile settings,is it permanent or dynamic?
    The fact that it starts and stops .leads me to think some process is making demands.For example 'auto windows update'
  7. p0ke

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    I think it's a video card problem, because my computer does excactly the same and i have a ti4600 too. most games work fine until they freeze, then they run for a while and freeze again... i've tried everything i've come up with, but nothing helped... i've even changed from winXP to win2K and still the same... even mafia, which used to run well, keeps freezing... I'm gonna try changing the card soon, then we'll see if we were right...
  8. p0ke

    p0ke TS Rookie

    now it seems i won't try another card soon, but my uncle's gonna check if the paste on the cpu has dried or something similiar... he said the same as RealBlackStuff imedeately when I told him.
  9. dady393

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    had the same problem

    I just solved the problem by buing a new graphics card.
  10. p0ke

    p0ke TS Rookie

    did you have the same problem?
  11. p0ke

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    Hey, CaptainInsano! check that your Geforce´s fan's running. mine wasn't, and we discovered it was broken. the freezing was caused by the overheated Geforce... I hope santa claus brings me a new one...
  12. kirock

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    Also for future reference, make sure you don't connect a series of leads from the PSU which connect to too many things. Ex: HDD to Floppy to DVD to 2nd HDD all on the same cable. This will load that 14awg wire and overheat it causing the resistance to go up and loss of voltage. Spread out your PSU feeds the best you can. Make sure your PSU has enough power in the first place.

    Make sure you update your mobo chipset drivers and video drivers. Always allocate half your RAM (no more no less) to the game. This can be done in the config file of the game or usually by right clicking the desktop icon and viewing properties. After all the stuff put " -hunkmegs xxx" without quotes. or it can be "-heapsize xxx".

    In a few cases posted on this site, upping the Vcore and RAM voltages by the minimum increment can stabilize your whole PC. Some aging CPUs and RAM need a little more umf to keep working under hard load. This is done in your BIOS. watch your temps for the next few days after this fix.

    Frag on.
  13. p0ke

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    My fan was broken. It was so full of dust i couldn't even make it spin with my finger :D Now i've got a new card and i will certainly clean my computer more often now
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