Possible Trojan Vundo infestation ?

By Pret
Jan 20, 2008
  1. Think I might have a Vundo Trojan on my PC or even a few more things as well?

    Tried to remove it but system went haywire so did system restore to get back where I was. Was also running NOD32 Trial at the time and this picked up quite a few things but the files concerned were crucial to Windows and it failed to load after NOD did it's stuff :(

    Think I know where I originally went wrong because Outpost Firewall picked up something and ask me what I wanted to do. I misread it and said "Yes" and that's when it all went crazy !

    These files seem to be "nasty" little blighters but some seem to reappear after deletion:

    ctfmon.exe ( have 2 files - one is 15kb, the other 347kb)
    ctfmon(2).exe (347kb)
    mcrh.tmp ??
    NeroCheck.exe ( have 2 - one is 484kb, the other 152kb)

    All above files located in C:\WINDOWS\system32

    Logs attached from Deckards System Scanner which include HyjackThis logs

    Any advice apprecaited - cheers
  2. Pret

    Pret TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Please ignore previous post as I've managed to get this sorted out now.

    Cheers :)
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