Post Code Pavilion zd7140us

By kozman
Jan 24, 2010
  1. HI Gang,
    I have a Pavilion zd7140us laptop. When I turn it on leds light up but that is it. No video. I tried an external monitor but still not video. I stripped down the laptop to motherboard, memory, cpu with fans. Still same issue. I inserted a post code card into the mini PCI slot. When powering up the cpu fans run and leds lite. I get the code on the post card "8180" nothing else. I have a second post code card that plugs into the printer port along with the USB port. I boot up with this card in and at first I get "--00". Then when I press the button on the card to view the next code it is "0100" with the "01" flashing. That is it.
    I have already itried installing a used CPU (ebay).
    Can any help me as to reading the code or where to go from here to troubleshoot the laptop?
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