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Mar 12, 2002

    Ok, i know how everyone loves showing off their PC's! And i want to know how far, if at all mine, is behind the rest of the world!! So can everyone please put their system specs + any 3Dmark scores here!!

    1.33Athlon @ 1.45ghz (FSB=145mhz)
    512mb SDRAM PC133
    Abit KT7A-RAID mobo
    PNY Ti.4600
    Creative Live! 5.1
    60gb Maxtor ATA133
    512k Cable connection
    20x CD-RW
    17" Panasonic monitor
    Win2000 Pro :D (Kick ***)

    3Dmark2001SE score = 9425


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  2. uncleel

    uncleel TS Rookie Posts: 980

    My CyRiX RuLeZ d00d!

    I've got that Cyrix 486/33 running @ 200mhz
  3. Vehementi

    Vehementi TechSpot Paladin Posts: 2,704

    Uncle, you don't honestly think that's fast do you? My 8086 runs at a whopping 4 MHz.
    It also runs at 74 that a bad thing? I can't seem to find any HSFs compatible with my CPU.

    I have two other boxes,

    450 MHz Pentium 3 (o/ced to 558 MHz)
    Abit BH-6 (<--- great sysbo :grinthumb)
    128 MB PC100 NEC SDRAM
    Matrox Millenium G400
    Western Digital 10GB HDD
    Creative 52X CD
    Sound Blaster Live! Value

    Athlon XP 1900+ (o/ced to 1751 MHz)
    ASUS A7V266 (I don't buy bad boards :D)
    256 MB PC2700 OCZ DDR
    ATI Radeon 8500 (just got it yesterday...)
    Seagate 20 GB HDD
    Western Digital 10 GB HDD (yes, another)
    AOpen DVD Drive
    Sony Spressa 16/10/40 CD-RW
    Sound Blaster Live! Platinum 5.1
  4. svtcobra

    svtcobra TechSpot Paladin Posts: 761

    my sig plus an Xbox..
  5. poertner_1274

    poertner_1274 secroF laicepS topShceT Posts: 4,172

    I used to have these posted in my signature, but I decided to take them out, but here they are anyway

    1.2 GHZ Athlon T-Bird
    256 MB RAM
    ATI Radeon All-in-Wonder video card
    Mitsumi 24x12x40 burner
    AOpen DVD player
    Maxtor 40Gb 7200 rpm hard drive
    Onboard sound
    and an SMC 10/100 ethernet card
  6. lokem

    lokem TS Rookie Posts: 672

    Just gotta love this kinda threads :)

    AXP 1600+
    256MB PC2400 RAM
    EPOX 8KHA+
    SB PCI128
    20GB Maxtor
    GF2MX (yucks..)
    A TV Tuner card
    19" ADI 6P monitor
  7. boeingfixer

    boeingfixer TS Rookie Posts: 1,006

    well I'll bite too. My spec's are listed below. Yes just click the "My Rig" sign.

    Sorry, that was for all the new people. :)
  8. uncleel

    uncleel TS Rookie Posts: 980

    My CyRiX CaN TaKe THe HeaT d00dZ

    My CyRiX CaN TaKe THe HeaT d00dZ

    Unless you can salvage a heatsink out of a electrical parts junkyard; try AS adhesive & a 486 fan.
  9. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    2 x Commodore VIC-20
    3 x Commodore 64
    1 x CBM 200 (PET 8032-SK)
    2 x Amiga 500
    2 x 8088 XT
    1 x 80186 (A terminal by Nokia)
    1 x 80286-16
    1 x 80386SX-33
    1 x 80486SX-25@40
    1 x Cyrix 6x86-P120+
    1 x Pentium-133
    1 x Cyrix 6x86-P166+
    1 x Pentium 4 1.6@1.85
  10. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,730   +379

    My home machine:
    CPU: AMD Athlon C 1400MHz @ 1503MHz
    Motherboard: ASUS A7M266
    Memory: 256 MB of Hitachi 2100DDR
    Video Card: ASUS V8200 Pure (Nvidia Geforce 3)
    Hard Drive: Maxtor 20.0 GB @ 5400 RPMS
    Monitor: 19" Samsung SM 957DF
    CDROM Manufacturer & Model: Mitsumi
    DVD Manufacturer & Model: Samsung
    Storage Interface: IDE

    Sound Card: Hercules Fortissimo 2
    Internet Provider: BT
    Internet Connection Type: xDSL

    Internet Connection Speed: 512
    Operating System: Windows 98SE

    My firewall:
    CPU: AMD Athlon 200fsb 1000MHz
    Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-7IXE4
    Memory: 384 MB of generic PC133
    Video Card: 3dfx Voodoo 3 2000 (Voodoo 3)
    Hard Drive: Seagate 10.0 GB
    Monitor: N/A
    CDROM Manufacturer & Model: Mitsumi
    Storage Interface: IDE

    Sound Card: Aureal Vortex 2 Superquad
    Internet Provider: BT
    Internet Connection Type: xDSL

    Internet Connection Speed: 512
    Operating System: Windows 98SE
    Other Components: Alcatel ADSL modem, Scan 10 port Switch/Hub

    Nice and slow Pentium 1:
    CPU: Intel Pentium 133MHz
    Motherboard: QDI HX
    Memory: 96 MB of generic
    Video Card: ATI ATI Mach 64 4mb (Mach 64)
    Hard Drive: Conner 1.0 GB
    Additional Hard Drives: Quantum 2gb
    Monitor: Tatung 15"
    CDROM Manufacturer & Model: Mitsumi
    Storage Interface: IDE

    Sound Card: Commodore Crystal 64 voice
    Internet Provider: BT
    Internet Connection Type: Dial Up

    Internet Connection Speed: 56
    Operating System: Windows 98SE

    Plus an Atari 800 with 48k memory
    A Commodore Amiga 500, PS2 and a company Dell Inspiron 7000 PII 366 Laptop...

    All PC details available via link in my signature
  11. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,730   +379

  12. MrGaribaldi

    MrGaribaldi TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,512

    Re: 10 page PC specs thread from the Old 3DSForum

    Just a little Mix 'n' match until more money comes my way...

    CPU: AMD Athlon 1400Mhz
    Motherboard: MSI K7T Turbo-R (until I can be bothered to change my other mobo)

    Memory: 256 MB PC133 Cas2 (some brand name)
    Video Card: Voodoo 5 5500
    Hard Drive: IBM 75GXP 40Gb @ 7200 rpm
    Hard Drive: IBM 60 GXP 60 Gb @ 7200 rpm
    Monitor: 17' AT&T or 17' IBM
    CDRW Manufacturer & Model: Memore TwelveMAXX1032
    DVD Manufacturer & Model: Creative (I know...)
    Storage Interface: IDE

    Sound Card: SoundBlaster Live! (original)
    Speakers: Sound Level XXL (or PCWorks 4.1 or Logitech 4.1) and Yamaha subwoofer YST-MSW10
    Internet Provider:
    Internet Connection Type: ADSL

    Internet Connection Speed: 704/128
    Operating System: Windows 2000 pro

    Lying around in parts:

    AMD 750 Duron
    Abit KT7-RAID (should be a KT7A-RAID, but there were some mixup at the shop)
    unknown amount of PC100/PC133 RAM
    5 hdd's (from 1Gb to 12Gb(
    div other stuff...
  13. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,730   +379

    Re: Re: 10 page PC specs thread from the Old 3DSForum

    Don't get me started on lying around parts...
    unknown amount of PC100/PC133 RAM
    Pentium 75Mhz - Somewhere ???
    Old Celeron motherboard and Celeron 466 (one of which is dead and I can't be bothered finding out which ;) )
    SB128 sound card
    Several 56k modems
    10/100 Realtek NIC
  14. MrGaribaldi

    MrGaribaldi TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,512

    Re: Re: Re: 10 page PC specs thread from the Old 3DSForum

    Hehe... It's more like a 'puter that'll be built as soon as I can drag myself to the store and change the mobo...

    But I get your point... Besides, if we were to list all the stuff we've got lying around, I wouldn't be surprised to see 4 "new" system per regular here... ;)
  15. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,730   +379

    Re: Re: Re: Re: 10 page PC specs thread from the Old 3DSForum

    Get dragging! Or is it too close to TheGathering to go changing motherboard?
  16. lokem

    lokem TS Rookie Posts: 672

    Re: Re: Re: Re: 10 page PC specs thread from the Old 3DSForum

    Aww man... That's really irritating. Here you are having soo many spare parts when I'm trying to scour just a DVD drive... Heh ;)
  17. Tawhid 1

    Tawhid 1 TS Rookie Posts: 50

    Mine is -
    p-4 1.6 Ghz with intel d850gb m/b
    512 rdram
    gf2 64 mb agp
    sb live! value
    Creative fps 1000
    16x dvd
    17" mon LG
    OS win2000.
  18. Th3M1ghtyD8

    Th3M1ghtyD8 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 664

    Dual PIII 850s @ 1Ghz
    Abit VP6 Mobo
    1Gb PC133 SD-RAM
    ATi Radeon DDR 64Mb
    SB Live 5:1
    Creative FPS1600 Speakers
    2x IBM 30Gb IDE Hard Drives
    8x Speed Burner
    Unbranded DVD-ROM
    Floppy Drive
    Trust Dual Scroll Mouse
    Generic Keyboard

    3d Mark 2001SE: around 4000
  19. prashidi

    prashidi TS Rookie Posts: 87

    Here goes my system:

    CPU: AMD Athlon 900MHz
    Motherboard: Abit KT7-RAID

    Memory: 320 MB PC100
    Video Card: Leadtek Geforce 2 Pro - 64mb DDR
    Hard Drive: Western Digital 40GB @ 7200 rpm
    Monitor: 19" NEC Flat Screen
    CDRW Manufacturer & Model: Yamaha 2100 EZ
    DVD Manufacturer & Model: Philips
    Storage Interface: IDE

    Sound Card: SoundBlaster Live! x-Gamer
    Internet Provider: university(T1)- Comcast(Cable)
    Internet Connection Type: T1, Cable
    Internet Connection Speed: 600/300
    Operating System: Windows XP pro

    Plan to upgrade when AMD Hammers are out :) (Yah! I have to wait a year :blackeye:; what can i do im poor.)
  20. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +421

    Asus A7V Mobo
    Athlon Thunderbird 1.0Ghz
    512 Meg Crucial Cas2 RAM
    1 AOpen 50x CD
    1 Mitsumi 4x4x24 Burner
    1 Panasonic 8x DVD
    1 Floppy
    1 IBM Deskstar 60GXP 30gig
    1 IBM Deskstar 60GXP 60gig
    NVidia GeForce 2MX 32Meg
    Creative SB Live Value
    Realtec 8139 NIC Card
    Creative ModemBlaster Modem
    Hauppage WinTV PCI TV Tuner Card
    hec 300w Power Supply
    Logitec IFeel USB Optical Mouse
    AOpen Spill-Proof Keyboard
    Phillips Brilliance Flat Screen 107P 17" Monitor
    Internet Connection: 100Mbps LAN to a 10Mbps Hub to Fiber Optic Line to Campus to OC3.
    Operating systems: Windows XP Pro, RedHat Linux 7.2

    I think thats about it.
  21. bikerspade

    bikerspade TS Rookie

    CPU: Pentium III 450Mhz Katmai
    Mobo: A-Trend ATC-6220
    RAM: 320MB PC133 Kingston
    DVD: Creative PC-DVD 5X
    CDRW: Plextor 24/10/40A
    Maxtor ATA/100 PCI Controller
    - Maxtor 30GB HDD (WinXP)
    - Western Digital 8.4GB HDD (Linux)
    Mobo controller
    - Western Digital 2GB HDD
    Video Card: ATI Rage 128 32MB
    Sound Card: Yamaha 724YMF
    Network: Netgear 10/100 FA310-TX
    OS: Dual-boot WinXP and RedHat Linux 7.2

    Firewall / Router / LAN DHCP Server
    Gateway Pentium 75Mhz, UNDER-CLOCKED to 40Mhz (saves power) with 64MB RAM,
    2 ISA NE2000 10Mbps NIC's (one as public IP address, other as the private gateway IP address for the LAN)
    No fans used whatsoever (all passive heatsinks)
    Running a tiny build of linux (NO harddrives, entire OS is loaded on one 1.44MB floppy disk)
    Attached to a Netgear 8-port 10Mbps switch

    Vintage Machine
    AT&T 6300
    AMD 8086 4.77Mhz
    640KB RAM
    84-key Serial keyboard
    Five 8-bit expansion slots
    CGA Video, with TTL RGB Monitor (16 colors!)
    Dual 360KB 5.25" Floppy Drives
    Boots MS-DOS 2.11 off floppy
    This was AT&T's first MS-DOS based machine, introduced June 26, 1984. Built in Italy by Olivetti.
  22. Cucumber

    Cucumber TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 154

    Phhhhhhhhhh!! 4.77mhz, Bet Max Payne runs sweet:D
    Underclocked to save power?? WTF

  23. Phantasm66

    Phantasm66 TS Rookie Posts: 5,734   +8


    1)Athlon C 1.33 GHz
    2)400 W Macron AMD Approved PSU
    3)IWILL KA-266R Motherboard
    4)512 MB PC2100 DDR-SDRAM
    5)4 x IBM Deskstar IDE 46 GB Hard Drive 75GXP 7200 RPM
    6)1 x IBM Deskstar IDE 76 GB Hard Drive 75GXP 7200 RPM
    8)1 x PLEXTOR SCSI 12/10/32 CD-RW DRIVE
    10)Geforce 2 ULTRA DDR-SDRAM 64 MB Graphics card
    11)Sigma Designs Hollywood Plus Mpeg-2 Decoder Board
    12)SoundBlaster Platinum 5.1 sound card
    13)SMC Network Card (connects through proxy server to 512 kbps cable modem)
    14)Adaptec AHA-2940 SCSI Controller
    15)Sound card connected to Sherwood digilink III hi-fi amplifier, 5 speakers...
    16)IIyama 22' Visionmaster Pro 510 AG201 Monitor
    17)Remote keyboard, mouse, etc... Headphones, mic, blah blah...

    Installed operating systems:

    1)Windows 98 SE
    2)Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP2
    3)Windows XP Professional
    4)Redhat Linux 7.2
    5)Mandrake Linux 8.2
    6)FreeBSD 4.5
  24. vassil3427

    vassil3427 TS Rookie Posts: 640

    Here's my specs...
    Processor:AMD Athlon XP 1600+
    Motherboard:ECS K7S5A
    RAM:128Mb PC2100(Soon to be 384Mb)
    HDD:Maxtor 40 Gig 7200rpm ATA/100
    DVD-Rom:Samsung 16x
    CD-RW:Lite-on 16x
    Video Card: Geforce 2 MX400 64mb
    Sound Card:Soundblaster Audigy X-Gamer
    Monitor: Avitron 17" Trintron

    Second Rig...
    Processor:Celeron 900(100Mhz FSB) w/Slot 1 adapter
    Motherboard: Asus P2B w/440BX chipset
    RAM:384Mb PC100
    HDD: Western Digital 7.85GB
    CD-ROM:Yamaha 56x
    Video Card: Elsa TNT2 32Mb
    Sound Card: Soundblaster 16 ISA
    Monitor: CTX 15"

    Third Rig...
    Processor: Pentium Pro 200Mhz
    Motherboard: ???
    RAM: 96Mb PC66
    HDD: Western Digital 7.85GB
    CD-ROM: Sony ???
    Video Card: Onboard
    Sound Card: Onboard
    Monitor: CTX 19"
  25. PHATMAN5050

    PHATMAN5050 TS Rookie Posts: 593

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