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Power kicks off

By dyeman
Apr 3, 2007
  1. I have a newly built machine with a Foxconn MB, AMD 3500 CPU, 500 Megs DDR2, 500W power supply, 160g Seagate HD. This motherboard has a 24 pin connetion for the main power plus the 4pin 12v connector. Every so often the machine just shuts off for no apparent reason. I haven't even put the case back together yet and I end up having to unplug and plug the main power source, jiggle the power button wires and unplug and plug the 24 pin connector to get the machine to power up again. If I shut the machine off through windows the same thing would ocurred, so I swapped the power supply with a 350W 20 pin cooler master powersupply and machine powered up and ran fine for a couple of days. If I turned it off through windows there wasn't a problem powering it back up normally. Now I can't seem to get it to power back on at all. Not sure if its a short or if I am missing something with the wiring. Any suggestions of what to look for.

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