Power Loss -> Bad Mobo / CPU?

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Mar 5, 2007
  1. I didn't remember to write down my motherboard's model number, but it is an intel socket 775 board as well with a 2.8ghz P4 cpu.

    I woke up to find my computer off, so I turned it back on. When it first booted it just held a blank screen and then rebooted itself. After this try, BIOS booted and left me with an "CMOS failure" error. The error was followed by an option to press F2 to enter setup. I made sure that all of the hardware was detected in setup and that the settings were still set for default.

    After that the computer rebooted upon leaving setup. During this boot I never saw BIOS attempt to load and I was left with a black boot screen with a flashing underscore character. A minute later I would finally get a message stating "error loading OS". Every boot after that I get a blue "intel inside" logo screen that I have never seen before in the last two years. All of the hardware appears to be intact, and there have been no beeping or alarm sounds coming from the motherboard speaker."

    This forsaken apartment has had problems power causing lights to flicker slightly and computers to reboot. I had been meaning to purchase a UPS within a months time. Also, I have no idea if it's a possible problem with my PSU from OCZ. Though it's sensors on it show that it's putting out proper voltage.
  2. AtK SpAdE

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    Eh fluctuating power is never a good thing, motherboards are very sensitive.

    You need to start checking the continuity of your parts. Do you have another PSU you can use temporarily?

    Does the green power good LED on the motherboard light up?
  3. GhstBearX

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    yeah, moboard led lights up. i checked my hdd's in an external enclosure and they both worked. i checked the ram in another system and thy work. unfortunately i can not find a similar motherboard to test my cpu on.
  4. GhstBearX

    GhstBearX TS Rookie Topic Starter

    on cold boots i get the os error, and if i restart it just leaves me with a blank screen. i tried using the jumper to reset the bios settings and i still don't get anything.
  5. yEzR

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    I have a similiar problem, i rewired my computer and after that it started to boot up. But then a new problem came up with the motherboard/cpu drawing too much energy from my psu. when i turned on my computer it would have my motherboards logo and all then it would shut off after six seconds.
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