Power Problem

By Mantarius
Dec 22, 2006
  1. Hello! I was hoping someone might give me advice on an issue I am having.

    A friend of mine, her computer would log in briefly and then turn off without notice, so we suspected it was a virus. I took her hard drive out of her computer and put it into my own, and tried to assess the situation that way, but when I put the hard drive back into her motherboard, it refused to turn on.

    I thought it was the power supply so I tried different sources of power, as well as flipping the switches and changing outlets. Nothing worked.

    I gave up and went to turn my computer back on 8+ hours later, and now my computer won't turn on. I took the same precautions and switched outlets, checked the switches, checked the power cords, and nothing.

    If you know anything that could do this or what would be a good basis to begin fixing this, I would appreciate it! Thank You and Happy Holidays!
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