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Power Supply Issue After Installation

By aznviet ยท 4 replies
Jan 29, 2005
  1. Hi there,

    I don't know if anyone can help me out. After I got a power surge the old power supply blew. I've bought a new power supply the old one was 300W the new one is a 350W Enermax. I took out the old power supply and replugged the new one in. Putting the main power cable and all the other one to the peripheral. But the problem is when I click on the power button to turn it on. Everything switches on but it doesn't seem to start the computer. Even the CD-Rom doesn't open when I push the open button. I don't know if anyone can help me out.
  2. glynn-one

    glynn-one TS Rookie

    Fault isolation: Un-hook main power. Just connect power to the motherboard ( and any fans on the motherboard) and one CD drive. Disconnect the ribbion cable form the CD rom drive. reconnect main power and hit the start. If after start up, when you hit the "door open" button the drive door fails to open there is a good chance that you have purchased a bad Power supplly or the reset needs to be punched, (if it has one). If the drive opens you may have fried more than your powersupply when you had that power surge.
  3. aznviet

    aznviet TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok I've tried what you said I've un-hooked everything except the main power cable to the motherboard and one cable to the cd-rom drive and took off the ribbon. When I Power-up the cpu the CD-Ro drive doesn't open up. So mostly the powersupply is bad. I don't see any reset on it.
  4. glynn-one

    glynn-one TS Rookie

    Do check to see that you are getting power from your source (power strip, walloutlet) , but yes, the CD drive, if given power, will open without the aid of the computer.
    The last thing you could do, since you already have the computer striped down, is disconnect the PS from the motherboard. If, when you power up the PS, and the disk drive then opens,,,,,,,, you could possably have a fried motherboard or something attached to it. There could be a voltage short that is causing the problem. Not good news.
    I have had to return a Power Suppy (PS) in the past, that is why I suggest that you go through these steps, so I do know that they can be bad out of the box. As far as I know, the CPU does not control the PS, and I have used PS (just themselves hooked up) to work on Harddrives and cd rom drives.
  5. stormcat

    stormcat TS Rookie

    Hi Aznviet
    Sorry to say that I fried two M/Bs due to power surges before I learned to protect my machine with loads of surge protection devices and UPS etc, while on the second occation the UPS got check to make sure but don't rule out the worst possibility...
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