Power supply issue?

By Lordsalereth
Aug 27, 2005
  1. Recently, i had been enjoying a nice game of Warcraft 3 and having a great day... then suddenly my pc shuts off. as usual i reach down to turn it back on, but there was a problem, it doesnt turn back on, i touch the side of my tower, and the area near the power supply is burning hot.

    What i have done to check to see what the problem is
    1. I have removed the ram and checked to see if they are defective
    2. I currently bought another power supply and the odd thing is, the computer will Still not turn on
    3. i have tried another power cord just to make sure it wasnt defective and yet again, i failed to turn it on.

    However i have noticed that when i turn the power strip on and activate the powerr supply it makes a small buzzing noise its very soft and it seems that the power is getting through or something, but i still cannot figure out as to why my PC will not turn on. i would apreciate it if anyone could help me out here, im desperate to get back on.
  2. urbandragon

    urbandragon TS Rookie Posts: 231

    have you tried to bypass your surge protector, it may have received a hing voltage spike causing it to become damaged.

    have you tried resetting your CMOS settings. this can be done 2 ways. remove the CMOS battery, and or checking the clear cmos jumper setting.
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