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By space cowboy4
Oct 19, 2007
  1. My computer is dirt old and it's a crappy compaq system. A few days ago I ordered a new video card because I was tired of the hiccups and I really wanted to play the Tabula Rasa beta. Problem is this new card I ordered requires a minimum 350 watt power supply while I am stuck with only a 300 PSU. I realize these pre-assembled packages are terrible and are hard to upgrade (not to mention the fact that mine is almost 3 years old and was cheap at the time), but is there anything I can do to use this card besides buying a new power supply?

    If not, do you folks have any recommendations for a cheap PSU and video card. I'm not looking to invest too much into this system, just enough to get by for another year until I can save up enough to build a rig myself.


    Here's the link to my computer's product specifications
    This is the card I ordered.
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