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By NiNjA ZX9 ยท 9 replies
Feb 11, 2005
  1. Hey Everybody,

    I'v got a problem going on that I have not come across before. I recently put together a gaming system for myself with pretty decent parts. The problem is when I try to boot the system after it being shut down for a few hours I get all kinds of errors and it usually takes about 1/2 hour of screwing around to get it to boot. Once it boots I can go ahead and play games etc for as long as I like without a problem. I think it may be a problem with the power supply being overloaded but I would appreciate any advice you can give. The specs for the system are:
    Asus A8V Deluxe
    AMD 3500 (Newcastle, I know I should have gotten the Winchester!!)
    2x512 Samsung PC 3200 RAM
    2 WD 80 Gig SATA drives 8mb
    1 WD 80 Gig IDE drive 8mb
    BFG 6800gt OC
    Creative Labs Audigy Platinum
    LG 48 x CDRW
    BenQ 16x Dual Layer DVDRW
    Standard Floppy
    Raidmax Scorpio 868 Case
    Antec Truepower 430 PSU
    Windows XP Pro with SP2 built in
    NEC Multisysnc 97F CRT monitor
    Logitech Z5500 Speakers
    Logitech MX 510 Mouse and Keyboard
    3 x 80mm 1 x 120mm Case Fans
    I ran 22 passes of memtest with no errors, I also ran the Western Digital diagnostic tool on extended test twice on all drives without any errors. I have run Prime 95 for 5 hours as well. The temps for the cpu, mb, and video card are all well within spec and I have the 120 mm fan blowing directly over the hard drives and they do not get hot to the touch.

    I had the SATA drives set up in Raid 0 but because of this problem I had to reload windows 3 different times because the data was lost, and now I am running the drives independently.

    The symptoms are: when I boot the system it goes into xp and after a few seconds I get the blue screen of death with different errors each time. I restart the system and the bios does not see the SATA drives and the option in the bios to choose the order of the hard drives is not listed. I usually have to reboot and go into the bios 5-10 times to get the settings correct and to get the system to boot. Usually after all of this the system will be fine until I shut it down and restart it later. I have tried reseating everything and changing all the cables without any luck. I can't really afford to spend any more money on this system and Don't want to buy a new power supply unless I am fairly certain that it will fix this.

    Thanks in Advance and Best Regards
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    You could have a problem with the mobo-battery. This is cheap to replace.
    Before you do that, make a note of any settings you have changed yourself in the BIOS.
    Careful you don't brake any bits when removing/installing the battery.
    Your PSU should be OK. Run the PC without OCing the graphics card (that may also be a problem!) for a while.
  3. NiNjA ZX9

    NiNjA ZX9 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey realblackstuff,
    Thanks for the advice, I was thinking the same thing myself, the problem seems to have mysteriously fixed itself, over the last 2 days the system has been fine. I hope to get to Ireland for a visit one day.

    Have a pint for me.
  4. antjscott

    antjscott TS Rookie Posts: 42

    suddenly worked ok? that's rather strange. for anything else you could swear it would be a virus... uum maybe something like the mobo batt, or vid card as realblackstuff said, has come slightly loose, giving an unstable connection... so maybe sometimes it will cause u grief... i dunno.... i know stuff all about technical ****.. but i'm learnin atm...
  5. unsivilized

    unsivilized TS Rookie

    Great im not the only one out there with this problem .....funny thing is i got a LAN on Saturdays ....long story short i left lan case fell over in car seat ...

    got home it wouldnt turn on so open the case fiddled with wires and it works....well i go the lan the next sat Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep long beep means Ram is bad... ???? well i fiddle with wires and it works ???? then i get the blue screen and it crashes ! after that it would start it would go to windows start up and stop and reboot WTF ! among further inspection ( on my nvida 6800 it has 2 fans 1 was broke/cracked not spining) well im thinkning fiddling with the wires had something to do with the PSU.....let me know if you have any problems i sent the vid card back for a refund and waiting for anew one i might also buy a more reliable PSU for i have heard the one that comes with it is garbage ....easy math ...You can find my raidmax cobra for 40 bux ! hmmm case $25 PSU $15 .......<-----cheap PSU junk !
  6. unsivilized

    unsivilized TS Rookie

    ok new update i tried to install Xp ....Started 0% formating Drive....Sat there for about 10 minutes and shut it down ! WTF tried Maxtor HD installation wouldnt get past the 2nd menu... IS my Hd bad ? If not the HD what then ?
  7. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +421

    Did you reseat the ram after you got the bad ram beeps?
  8. unsivilized

    unsivilized TS Rookie

    yah i took 1 out and replaced the other
  9. NiNjA ZX9

    NiNjA ZX9 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey Unsivilized,

    I have spent the last few weeks trying to narrow down what was happening, and I am 95% sure that it was a bad SATA cable. I tried reseating everything with no luck and then resorted to swapping different cables over a period of time to try and narrow down the problemand since I replaced the SATA cable (it came with my ASUS mb) even the blue screens have stopped. I was at my wits end. Since changing the cable everything is running great, KNOCK ON WOOD. Hope this helps.

    BTW I would definately swap out the power supply that came with the case.I am running an ANTEC Truepower 430 and it seems to handle everything in my system without getting too hot and it is very quiet. Are you running a BFG card? with 2 fans it sounds like it.
  10. unsivilized

    unsivilized TS Rookie

    well since then i swaped out HD's which both of them do work......
    reformated and turned everything back on ...working fine so far

    i plan on buying the same PSU ..... :) cause the crap that came with Raimax's case is poor quality

    yes it was the BFGtech 6800 O.C. i might just go ahead and get a x800 or a 6800gt and spend the extra 100 dollars
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