Power to a Micro Wave

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Sep 8, 2007
  1. I have a cabin that runs off a 3000w generator and 1500w inverter system. New microwave keeps blowing the generator breaker... the mirco wave can be set for reduced power 1 to 10 but have to be down each time. I am looking for a way to reduce the power to the micro wave to prevent popping the breaker....ie a reostate idea...
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    Probably not the forum you want to ask that question on. This is a computer forum. But in any case:

    I'd buy a uninterruptable power supply that can help prevent spikes and undervoltage, then run the microwave off of that. I don't think lowering the microwave's power from 1-10 does anything for what you want. All that does on every microwave I've ever used is runs at 100% power for a few seconds then runs at 0% power for a while. The amount of time spent at 100 or 0 depends on what level you set.
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    Not on your life. There are microwaves built for your needs. Don't risk your power source.
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    not wise. It would seem that there is too much current draw. The UPS idea might work, but then again, there may be too much current draw. You simply have to find a way to provide more wattage. Bear in mind you have a serious fire hazard right now.
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    Also you can't use a rheostat on AC for most things. Lightbulbs and fans are about the only thing.
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