Power up problem i.e. it wont!

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Jan 2, 2006
  1. hello, first of all nice to meet you all!!!

    i would really apreciate some help if anyone knows how to solve my problem

    i have a 2 year old pc that has been running fine since i got it, however after returning to uni after a week spent at home during christmas i have not been able to turn it on.

    when i press the power button the hard drive light flashes once then the computer just dies. if i try again then nothing at all happens however when you take out the power cord or switch it off at the mains the next time you try to turn it on the light will again flash then turn off.

    I have tried replacing the power supply unit however this did not solve the problem.

    Although i'm not sure what caused this problem one of the factors that may have caused it is that i think (not completly sure if i did or not) i left it on stand by (operated by a button on my keyboard) for the week i was away, could this have caused it? and if so what can i do to fix it? any ideas would be most helpful

    many thanks .... jack
  2. MCChopper

    MCChopper TS Rookie

    Shouldn't think it was dure to you leaving it on Standby

    I shudn't think it is because you left it on standby because I got told by an engineer that by rights you should keep your computer running all the time because it helps the performance and stops some problems. Your best bet is to take it into a PC suppliers or somewhere you can get it checked out. I had a similar problem and it was the fan at had gone and i had to get that replaced
  3. seanp789

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    boutflow: sounds like your PSU is bad

    jack_berryman: sounds like you have something loose on the mobo. reseat all connections: gfz card, ram , drive cables, etc..

    Try booting with just the cpu and 1 ram, remove everything else and add things in until u find the culprit.
  4. boutflow

    boutflow TS Rookie

    Power up problem


    I'm replying on this thread simply because I found myself with a similar problem.

    I've got a radion p4 with a boosted processor to act as a server machine, for a small firm. I've set up external hardware to accomodate for our telephone billing system. I've also included an additional harddrive to handle the load.

    Now last week Friday, I left the machine on as usual, running backups onto an external 2gb harddrive as usual. When I came in this morning, I found the machine off. After repeated attempts to turn it on nothing happened. I disconnected the power supply and took out the battery for the bios, then put it all back together, and still nothing happens.

    The similarity is that when I connect the power supply and try to switch it on the first time, the cpu fan moves and then stops abruptly. Then after that nothing happens, and repeated attempts yield no results.

    I wonder if anyone has got more information on this problem. I've read other threads that dealt with similar situations to no avail.
  5. craigwatanabe

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    That happened to a computer I was troubleshooting. The problem was two fold. 1) The CPU fan died from too much dust accumulation on the blades, and 2) The CPU fried as a result.

    Yes keeping your computer on all the time reduces the surges thru out the system however there is this one small mechanical device that can burn out if left running forever. It's called the CPU fan and in a P4, this little gem cannot fail, and when it does...bye bye expensive microprocessor. As was the case on this repair.
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