Power VCR II runtime error

By Tir Anasazi
Aug 22, 2006
  1. Hi guys,

    since about 10 days I'm experiencing problems with two of my applications, and the error is the same: Runtime error - Unusual program termination" with no further technical description.

    The first is Cyberlink's Power VCRII which wan't start at all, even after a reinstallation of the app. The second is SmartFTP which doesn't start the first time I click it, but after that it starts normally.

    I changed my MB and graph. card 2 month's ago and haven't been having any problems since. The only trouble I had is that my comp was restarting a month ago. Then I ziped a few minidumps and posted on TechSpot. I got help and an explanation that the sound driver (Realtek AC '97) on my MB ABIT GD8 is the problem. Since I put on a new driver the comp doesn't restart no more.

    I have installed following protect.: ZoneAlarm, Ad-Aware Professional with Ad-Watch and AV Persoal Edition
    OS: Win XP Corporate SP2 integrated

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