poweriso non bootable help

By elmafuddellis
Mar 22, 2007
  1. hi people, i am very new to all this so you'll have to answer me like im thick.
    can anyone tell me in step by step instructions how to put an .daa file on a dvd to make it work.
    when i open the file in poweriso it says at the bottom non bootable image. how do i make it bootable and work on my pc.
    i know i sound thick and i dont even know if im in the right place.
    when i put it on my harddrive then opened it it said please insert disk. am i doing this wrong. im after step by step instructions on how to use poweriso to make .iso .daa files work on my pc. and what is all this mount drive business i dont have the drives it's trying to mount. thanks and i apologise if this is the wrong place.
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    Forget it, i cracked it myself. Amazing what you can do if you try.
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    and welcome to Techspot
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