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so it looks like my mobo is dead. the worst.

i have the asus p4pe + intel p4 2.6mhz.

the asus mobo p4pe isn't sold anymore. in fact i don't think they sell anymore socket 478 that are also chipset 845pe.

i know this is bad, but ive forgotten a lot about pc's as i built this years ago.

the only thing i know about my CPU is that its an intel p4 2.6.... the mobo i have for it is chipset 845pe, does that mean the only mobo i can get is chipset of 845pe?

If anyone can shed some light would be much appreciated!



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If you're lucky enough to find a nice Socket 478 board, then more than likely it will work with your CPU.

Your P4 2.6GHz is not exclusive to an 845PE chipset. Newer (if you can still call them new) socket 478 boards will be backwards compatible with even the oldest S478 processors.

Just find a any S478 motherboard, they will almost always list "Intel Pentium 4" under its supported CPU's.
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