preparing standby in order to complete eject?

By Katydid52
Sep 8, 2006
  1. I sure hope someone can help me with this one!!! I bought a refurbished Dell C600 (laptop) that was used in a business environment.
    ater a few minutes of using it the mouse pad quits working and I get a message "preparing standby in order to complete eject", then it goes into standby. When I try to get out the mousepad doesn't work and it says that my network connection is not working or something like that....I forget even though I have seen it a thousand times. I have to reboot. Then it may take a long time to start windows or even may take several attempts to turn on at all. I have seen on other forums that it may be because my battery was dead but I just replaced the battery and still have the problem. I have also seen that the eject message is related to docking but I dont know anything about that. I thought about replacing the W2000 with XP but don't want to make matters worse. Any advise would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks
  2. Tmagic650

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    this sounds like an overheating issue with the laptop. You might need to open it up and check that the airflow channels and CPU heatsink assembly are free from dust and debris. Can you hear the fans?
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