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Print Server won't print on new printer

By mephisto_007 ยท 7 replies
Nov 5, 2005
  1. I had a Print Server EUSSO that connected with my old deskjet printer (HP deskjet 845c USB) to my knowledge it working fine...

    Though I had bought a new printer (HP laserjet 1020 USB) hook it up to a Print Server but to my amazement, I couldn't get it to work (it working fine, if plug direct to PC)... I set it the way I worked with the old deskjet (HP deskjet 845c USB) and I don't see why it didn't work... Or maybe the Print Server do not support the new Printer? I had visit HP support site, and they just didn't give me any good solution...

    Note: upon completing the setup and do a test print; I notice there aren't any error messages display... I see a queue of file on the Printer Document Name last for 2 seconds and dissappear, No errors messages...
    But if I try to change the port name/number it will display error message upon printing, and the file on the Printer Document Name didn't dissappear either...

    I am so curious why it didn't work?
    1. I know it not the printer fault
    2. Print Server is not malfunction either (unless it not meant to support my new printer)
    3. Not the cable either
    4. I don't see any wrong doing with my setup, since I got the first one work and running
    5. Now I am sitting duck

    Any feed back on this issue would gladly be appreciated...
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,452   +6

    Did you install the drivers for your new printer? (Obvious, sorry, but I have to ask) Best bet would be to uninstall all printers and printer software you have and start over from scratch.

    The print server doesn't have to support your printer - all it does is take the data sent by your computer and forward it to the USB port. Your printer however has to support the print server. Some printers require a bidirectional connection with the computer and that cannot work over the network.

    Does your print server suppirt several types of connection? It could be any combination of LPR, SMB, JetDirect and any proprietary protocols. Try something else than you are using right now.
  3. mephisto_007

    mephisto_007 TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 223

    Yes I have installed its driver, also I had try uninstalled everything and start from scratch again but it simply doesn't work out.

    I switched the old Printer, plug into PrintServer and it work like a charm. I try reset Printserver, changing it IP address still no luck.

    Just askin what you've mention. How do I find out whether the New Printer is not supported with PrintServer?

    The connection I'm using between PrinterServer and Printer is LPR (I am not aware of any other options, SMB or Jetdirect? I have no idea)
  4. mephisto_007

    mephisto_007 TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 223

  5. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,452   +6

    Heh, you can't expect them to list every single printer model in that file.. They just list what is known to work - doesn't mean others are definently not supported. And your printer is not in the known bad printers list.

    You can check for SMB printing by trying to browse to the printserver from Windows Explorer (\\IP.address.of.printserver). JetDirect uses port 9100 so if you can telnet to that on the printserver (telnet printserver.ip.addy.here 9100) then it is supported too.
  6. mephisto_007

    mephisto_007 TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 223

    Ok, I had manage to get through a web base for printserver but how do I add a printer with it...

    I had an option for SMB like below

    ** Workgroup
    Name : WORKGROUP

    Shared Name
    Printer1: LP1
    Printer2: LP2
    Printer3: LP3

    Do I need to change the Workgroup name or it Shared Name? Do I add printers in "Printers and Faxes section"? Local Printer or Network Printer?

    I am totally lost, please guide me through this... :bounce: :monkey: :dead: :dead:
  7. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,452   +6

    The workgroup name should match the workgroup name of your computers, but it isn't that important.

    If you have only one user then it doesn't matter if you add the printer as network or local. For several users it is better to do it as a local printer.

    Add a new printer, local. Create a new local port and name it \\print.server.ip.address\PrinterShare (a la \\\LP1). Install printer drivers when requested.
  8. mephisto_007

    mephisto_007 TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 223

    Nodsu I had try those but it doesn't work... when I print the file name only pop up for 1-2 seconds and dissappear, no error message display...

    What seem to be the problem?
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