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Jul 18, 2003
  1. OK! Heres the scoop. Lexmark is telling me that the X85 all-in-one printer that I own can not be networked. One of the reasons for networking my kids room was to share the printer in the livingroom, (cause I'm cheap and don't want to buy another printer) only to find out that Lexmark says it can't be done. I am currently networked thru a Linksys BEFSR41 Cable/DSL Router. My stubbonness won't allow me to accept Lexmarks answer. Something keeps telling me that I can network this printer, but I have yet to find the answer. If this can be done, I need to know how. If Lexmark is right, please convince me so I can get on with other more stressfull and pressing things, like mowing the lawn.
    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  2. acidosmosis

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    I see no reason why it can not be networked. I may be wrong, but I am sure if you can install the printer on your computer, then install File and Printer sharing you shouldnt have any problem printing on the printer from another computer. As long as you set it up correctly on the other PC.

    Most of the time, tech support gives you B.S. answers because they don't know how to help you and want to get rid of you. I know from experience since I am one of them, and because I deal with people such as Bellsouth regularly when I know the truth and they give me answers I know 100% are wrong. In any case there isn't really anything you can do. Though your printer should have no problem being networked.
  3. Buzzy65

    Buzzy65 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    This is what Lexmark had to say to me:

    "Unfortunately, the X85 printer series does not have any network support included and we can not claim any support for networking this printer."

    They then when on to mention all their other printers that do have network support. Their email seemed more like a sales pitch. At this point, there is nothing I'd like better then to email them back, and prove them wrong.
  4. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,276   +461

    Why don't you just give it a shot - install the printer on one machine - share it out by right clicking on it and going to the share tab under properties - install the drivers on the second machine as well - browse to the appropriate share on that machine from the second machine - and mount that sucker... manual selection of driver support if you have to. Print a test page and see what you get - worst that can happen is you get a few pages of garbage. I can't really see it not working though.

  5. young&wild

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    I agree with LNCPapa, give it a shot its a shame sometimes tech support can even understand their own products.
  6. Buzzy65

    Buzzy65 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The installation goes smooth until it asks me to connect the USB cable to PC#2. Since the printer is connected by USB to PC#1, this obviously can't be done. If I install the printer locally to PC#2, then it won't print over the network. The installation will only allow me to install the printer locally to PC#2.
    Can the printer be installed locally to two computers, and then have both computers be connected to some sort of switch box that will allow the printer to function?
  7. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,276   +461

    Well connect it to the second machine to complete the driver install - then reconnect it to the first PC and try to map it then.
  8. Tarkus

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    LNCPapa, that's exactly what I'd do in that situation.

    By their statement it sounds like they won't support it...doesn't mean it won't work.
  9. cromrell

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    share All-In-One Printer

    Lexmark doesn't support "Networking" the printer as a stand-alone device, but that shouldn't prevent you from "sharing" your local printer (to PC#1) with PC#2 over your home network.

    If you can install the Lexmark with Parallel cable (not USB), then you could use a Parallel switch box between the two computers, and 'share' the printer. However, you might loose the advanced features of the All-In-One on PC#1, and Parallel connection is slower than USB. You aren't really using the network under this configuration, just tricking both computers to thinking they have a local printer installed.

    I would suggest that you NOT use the Lexmark printer CD installation on PC#2. Instead install a 'Network' Printer (Using Windows).
    I am currently sharing my OfficeJet k80xi (USB to PC#1), and sharing the printer (not fax or scanner) over our network. I have also setup w/ win98 as well.

    windows 2000 Professional
    HP OfficeJet K80xi w/ USB installation to PC#1
    sharing "printing" over microsoft domain to win98 & winXP machines.

    #1) PC#1: Install the Lexmark on PC#1 via USB (using Lexmark CDs, etc).

    #2) PC#1: Configure your Network for File & Printer Sharing.

    #3) Open Printer Properties & configure to share Lexmark printer (and name shared printer) ** my OfficeJet shows up twice (as fax machine and printer) -be sure you are sharing the printer.

    #4) PC #2: If you have properly shared printer, and PC#2 has permissions to browse to PC#1... then you should be able to browse Neighborhood Network (My Network Places), and see that PC#1 has a shared printer installed. Lexmark printer should show up with "shared" icon. Both computers might need to be in the same WorkGroup... but if you are already able to share files (HardDrives), then you should be all set.

    #5) PC #2: Begin "Add Printer" procedure from within Windows Operating System.

    #6) PC #2: Select Network Printer

    #7) PC #2: You should be able to type in the path to your networked printer, or browse to it

    #8) If PC#1 is win2000 or winXP, then the actual printer driver will be installed on PC#2 directly from PC#1 (very cool).
    If PC#2 has different OS than PC#1, you might need to enable additional drivers on PC#1:
    Goto Printer Properties, Sharing, and enable the additional printer drivers for the OS you want to share with. I didn't need a different driver to share w/ winXP pro machine.

    Let me know (PM, email, etc) if you have problems, etc.
  10. Buzzy65

    Buzzy65 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, it's been several months, but I have solved my problem. More pressing issues prevented me from finishing this task, but I have found my solution. I still have the Lexmark X85, but I have updated PC#2 to a new Dell P4-2.4ghz running XP. In my first attempt to network the supposedly non-networkable Lexmark, I succeeded in printing over my home network. Things are now working fine, and I have officially retired my Acer Aspire P233mhz. May she rest in piece(s)!!!!

    Thanks for all the suggestions!!!
  11. Chick Lunchbox

    Chick Lunchbox TS Rookie

    Buzzy65. Glad that you succeeded in the end, but how? I was amazed when surfing around when trying to solve the same problem that Lexmark seem to have given the same answer to so many people. My #2 is a K6/2-500 (W98) but the new #1 is a similar spec to your Dell, running XP.

    If there's a trick involved, please share!
  12. Buzzy65

    Buzzy65 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I was never able to network the printer with the old Acer running Win-98. Sharing my DSL with the old Acer worked fine, but I was never able to initiate file and printer sharing between 98 and XP. With both machines running XP, the X85 works fine over the network. The set up was as easy as pie. XP leads you right thru home network setup and printer sharing. It installs the needed drivers right over the network. I did not have to install the software from Lexmark on pc#2, unless you wish to use it.

    I'm not saying you need to update pc#2 to XP, but like I mentioned, I never succeeded setting up file and printer sharing between 98 and XP. Updating to XP may be the way to go.
  13. lowman

    lowman TS Rookie Posts: 380

    They are saying it will not accept a network card - but you can share that printer from the computer it is connected to, as stated above...
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