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By novice1
Dec 20, 2003
  1. I have 3 computers wired to a router/modem for DSL internet connection. 2 of the computers are running XP and another is running Me. I have a Epson printer connected to one of the computers using XP. What equipment do I need to network these computers to be able to share the one printer, and how do you create settings on each computer to accomplish this idea?
  2. Rick

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    Here's a good summary of what to do:,24330,3481160,00.html

    The basic idea is to enable printer sharing and then install the printer on each guest computers by browsing for the printer over the network.

    Windows Me will require a Windows Me driver since the XP driver is probably not compatible with it. You can add additional drivers in the same setup area where you will share your printer on the server computer.
  3. RealBlackStuff

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    Buy a dedicated printserver like the Netgear PS110 (2 parallel-printers) which will be attached to your router. The accompanying manual and CD have all the instructions very clearly and simple.
    This way your printer is always available to all 3 PC's regardless wether one or the other PC is also on.
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