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Aug 1, 2006
  1. I was wondering if anyone can tell me, I have some home movies made with my Video camera stored on a dvd and I want to put it into a divx format. In the past I used Winavi, the problem is that its not really compressing. Usually a 4-5 gig video from past experiece compresses to 700-800 meg but it compressing to 3-3.5 gig am I doing something wrong. I tried Using a few different programs. Can someone give me advice how to compress it to 700 mb what divx is meant to be.
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    No Tedster - He's talking about taking mpeg2 or a dv format that his camera records, which is huge, and he wants to make it a divx file. Like how you can take a full dvd and rip it down to a 700meg divx file and it still looks pretty good.
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    I found if you compress the file with dvd shrink to around 2 gig then use dr divx both of which are free you can get it down to about 600-700 meg but this is time consuming do you have a better alternative
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    You can try setting the frame skip higher, and/or the quality of the movie lower on the dr divx program, which would in turn knock down the file size dramaticaly. Although you will have to find that "sweet spot" where images dropped dont affect the overall quality of the movie's animation yourself..

    Unfortunatly i'm not too familiar with those programs though... but from using other similar programs the ideas the same.. although in any case you'd need a good numbercrunching processor if you want fast..
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    I was wondering I got the divx codec from the divx website and in winavi it allows me to encode using both cores of my cpu, it works to begin with for maybe 20 seconds and then it crashes. Im running win xp 32bit could that be the reason. The reason im asking is that it encodes at around 150 frames a second which is really fast compared to the usual 30 -50
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