Problem accessing external drive

By Cyber_Skaarj
Dec 26, 2005
  1. I'm having problems getting access to my external HD Drive. It was working fine up until my latest anti-virus scan. The scan detected a virus in the file F:\System Volume Information\_restore{F2FFC22D-1275-9E92-FCAC28809F76}\RP253\A0069026.exe and then deleted the file to prevent further infection (I use AVG free edition as my anti-virus). On my next reboot I could not get the drive to work anymore.

    It still gets detected, the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon appears in the system tray and the device appears in the device manager (and it's properties window says there is no problems with it). However, the device is slow to load and I cannot get it to appear in either My Computer or Windows Explorer (both windows simply crash if I try to access them with the drive switched on), and trying the shortcut to it on my desktop tells me the drive is unavailable.

    Is there any way to fix this problem without losing any data? The drive is a Maxtor One Touch 250GB if that helps any.
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