Problem after running the Recovery Console

By k1llerm1ke
Jun 18, 2006
  1. I was instructed on another thread to use my setup/windows disk to run the Recovery Console program. When I restarted my comp. and booted from the cd-drive, Windows began to boot normally from the disk. It took a few minutes to load all the stuff and update things in that blue screen and as soon as it was about to load windows, my comp. turned off when I hit my surge protector. When I restarted a blue screen appeared with this message>

    "A problem was detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent further damage to your computer.


    If this is your first time reading this message, please restart your computer.
    Please remove any new hardware and use the BIOS to turn off system caching."

    It says this message everytime I start Windows and gives me a boot menu to either start in Safe Mode, Start using Last Good Configuration, and Start Windows Normally.
    No matter which one I use, I still continue to get the blue screen error message.

    Help would be very much appreciated!!
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    I didn't check the previous posted links, but that error often means hard drive trouble!

    Go into your BIOS setup and make sure CD-ROM is FIRST in the boot order. That way it will boot off your CD before the hard drive.

    Once you get into Recovery Console, you want to run chkdsk /r /p. When it finishes (if it finishes), you can type exit to restart. Then take out your disk and see if Windows will boot.
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