Problem connecting to internet.......Please Help

By wesjovah
Feb 7, 2006
  1. I have a weird problem here. My computer is hooked up to a router and is connected. For example I can open up and connect to Limewire and Pokerstars. But if I try and open up Internet Explorer or Firefox it will not connect. It also will not connect me to any messenger programs. The only way I can access the internet is to use AOL dial up. Then the browsers and messanger programs work fine. Any clues or suggestions to fix this problem?
  2. cookiedude

    cookiedude TS Booster Posts: 157

    Does your ISP require a username and password for access to the internet? If this is the case it is probably simply a case of going:

    Tools -> internet options -> connections -> settings, and then putting in your username and password. Once you have done this set the coonection to "never dial a connection".

    Just to check are you using a broadband connection or dial-up?
  3. nerdunderlord

    nerdunderlord TS Rookie

    What type of router do you have? Is there a firewall in the picture on your LAN?
    Have you rebooted the router? Can you ping out internet from your command prompt?
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