Problem connecting to network

By apba
Nov 25, 2005
  1. We have a small business network. Server and five clients, the clients connect to the internet through the server, which has zone alarm.
    Everything worked fine for months.
    I then took one of the computers (a notebook) on a 10 day trip. It connected
    through hotel LANs fine while I was away.
    When I returned and hooked it back to the network I got no connection.
    All other clients work fine.
    All cables checked and working. All ports working equally.
    Virus software updated and run.
    If I manually assign IPs and gateways and DNS it will work.
    But then each time I restart the server, I lose the connection again and have to retype IPs in.

    Any suggestions on how get an automatic default connection working again
    WinXP, SP2

    Thank you,

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