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Jun 5, 2005
  1. Hello,

    I have a toshiba satellite laptop with a Cisco wireless LAN adapter. At school, I use VPN dialer to access the school's secure wireless network. But at home, even though my computer detects several local wireless networks, I cannot tap into any of them to browse the internet or check e-mail... even when the signal strength is "good" to "very good." A couple of my friends have come over to my place, and their laptops have been able to access the internet through these networks just fine... but for some reason, my laptop can't.

    Can someone help? I would really appreciate it!
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Nodsu

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    "Cannot" means what? Your fingers don't bend to click the mouse button?
  3. shuffiman

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    "Cannot" = my internet browser isn't able to access the internet even though my laptop is connected to any one of the wireless networks. Similarly, my e-mail software (or, for that matter, any of the applications that can access the internet, like FTP) doesn't connect to the internet either.
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    Well, does your laptop receive an IP address from the router? Can you ping it? Is your laptop allowed to access the internet in the router config?
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    Solution: Wireless Network Connected But Cannot Browse Internet

    If your wireless network shows it is connected but when you try to go on the internet it says "page cannot be displayed".....try changing the MAC address on your wireless card.

    Every network adapter has a "MAC" Address (Medial Access Control)
    Examples of a MAC addresses are:

    Getting your card’s MAC address
    You can obtain your MAC address by clicking START>RUN>
    Then type ‘cmd’ (without quotes) and press ENTER
    Then type ‘ipconfig /all’ (without quotes) and press ENTER
    Your MAC address will be listed under the “Physical Address” heading.

    1. Download Etherchange from .
    2. Save the downloaded file to C: (root)
    2. Click on START>RUN then type ‘cmd’ (without quotes) and press ENTER
    3. In the dos window, type
    cd\ etherchange
    (Press enter after each line)
    4. The etherchange program will start. It’ll ask you to choose which network adapter you want to change, press the number of the corresponding network adapter and press enter
    5. Press ‘1’ to specify a new Ethernet address
    6. Enter the new MAC address in this format “080007A92BFC”
    7. Etherchange should advice you that the change was successful and that you need to either disable and then enable the network adapter or restart your pc for the new MAC address to work

    I fought for 5 weeks to figure out why I couldnt get on the internet, even tho my wireless connection showed it was connected and had a strong signal. I went on tech support with HP 6 times, and with AOL 3 times, the final verdict was it was a defective wireless card. THAT WAS BS....what had happened was somehow the local wireless networks in range had BLOCKED my wireless card's MAC address. Changing the MAC address took no more than 60 seconds, and voila!!!! No more problems!!!

    Good Luck Ya'all
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