problem either in hard disk or in motherboard

By sachin.sahlot
Sep 15, 2006
  1. Urgent !!!problem either in hard disk or in motherboard

    Hardware specification:
    Hard disk:Samsung 002H
    Combo Drive :Samsung

    A few days ago my comp stoppped responding while i installed a new combo drive.Sometimes it hanged out and sometimes it doest start.Now i installed os again with combo it worked.But after a few days it started creating same problem again.And thn i saw my hard disk making a noise like tak tak!.was it a hard disk damage??if its not a hard disk damage then why it was making a sound like tak tak and why error msg like "no hard disk found attached to ur comp"while installing operating system.Ok now i have installed operating system on partition d: of my drive it got installed while previously when i was installng on Partition c: it was givin error in installation.Now its working but some things want work properly like it doest start autorun.exe while inserting a disk in cdrom or it doest updates the driver of USB2.0(is this problem due to the reason of service pack 2 not installed ??).Also if i tries to write a cd it doest.So where is the problem in my hard disk or in my motherboard or somewhere else[/COLOR]
  2. Darth_Terra1

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    It seems to me that your Hard drive is indeed dying hence the noise you heard, and the likly reason you couldn't install in the C Partition is that part of the disk has already failed, i would recommend you back up everything you need and look at getting a new hard drive
  3. SNGX1275

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    From my reply to the PM he sent me:

    Your hard disk is damaged beyond repair, that is all there is to it. That noise is "the click of death" for hard drives, I've seen it several times and read about it here on TechSpot and other places on the internet many more times.

    Likely the reason some things don't work correctly is because they or the files they use are stuck in damaged sectors.

    If you didn't backup important data off that drive the second it allowed the system to boot you are even further risking losing your data. Get important files off of there now.

    When drives are clicking they are already dead there is no bringing them back. They may continue to intermittenly work for months, or they may never work again right away.
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