Problem formatting hard drive

By w00tage
Jan 17, 2007
  1. So my computer got a nasty virus, and I decided to start anew with a fresh install of windows. There was some weird problem during the installation, and windows 2000 could not finish installing, and I had to exit. I then decided to just redo the partitions and format the drive.

    I didn't have a floppy drive installed so I booted off of a USB flash drive and ran fdisk to delete the partition on my hard drive, create a partition, and then set the partition to active. However, when I tried to run, i got the "this program cannot be run in dos mode" error. I tweaked my flash drive a little bit by basically copying over all the files from a windows 98 bootable floppy onto my usb drive... when I treated booting off of the USB again, I got a "missing operating system" error. When I try booting off of the windows 2000 install cd, I get the same error. My friend let me use a floppy drive; when i hooked it up to the motherboard and everything and inserted the win 98 bootable floppy, I get the "missing operating system" error again. It seems like I can't format the drive until I get past these errors. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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    Why would you even bother with a floppy (or USB) if your Windows 2000 CD is bootable?

    Just boot off of whatever you can, and then run <CD Drive>:\I386\winnt.exe to begin the setup, inside of that you can delete/create partitions and format your drive, no need to make it harder than it is.
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