Problem importing Outlook Express 6 backups

By scotiawhiskers
Nov 11, 2004
  1. I have just upgraded my girlfriend's computer with a new harddrive. The old unit is installed as a slave with the swap file on it which has improved the performance no end!
    The original drive is a 7.8Gb disk which was split into 4 partitions of 2Gb, one with win95 on it, one with XP on it (yes I know that is stupid on a 2Gb FAT partition, hence the upgrade), the others for data.
    The new drive is 40 Gb split 10 for programs, 10 for her work information and 20 for her home information. I installed the XP Pro without difficulty on the new drive, then deleted the old XP installation and the data partitions on the old drive to create the swap file. I left the win95 just in case she has to access something on that for some strange reason.
    However the OE6 backups are not recognised on the new installation. The files transfer into the correct directory and are the correct sizes, but the data from them is not available, meaning she has lost pretty much all of her old emails, sent and received. It makes no difference if the import wizard is used, or if the files are manually copied from another folder to the OE6 store location. Does anyone know of a workaround for this please? :eek:
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