Problem in installing seagate ATA HDD as primary slave.

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Hi I m Garry,

I am facing problem in installing seagate ATA HDD as primary slave.I have samsung primary master (40GB ATA).I did the partiton of new Seagate 80 GB HDD.but after rebbot my system is hanged.I checked CMOS bios setup.Every thig is fine.Once system got boot , but new HDD was not detected but CMOS setup shows the new 80GB HDD.Then i restarted the system,system came up,detected HDD but got hanged in between.Without new HDD,systemworks fine.Pls help me.I didnt format the new HDD & i did the partition with partition magic.My primary HDD has win98 & win xp.I am doing all this on WIN XP.

Hope you people will help me.

Cheers Garry


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I have edited and moved your post to it`s own thread in the correct forum. I`m sure someone will be along to help you soon.

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So, your OS HD is jumpered Master?

edit: of course, there is also Tmagic650's answer from the OTHER thread you hijacked:

"Use Seagate's DiscWizard to properly configure and install the new drive."
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Hdd Problem

My old Samsung HDD has jumper setting as master.I have removed jumper from new seagate HDD.If SamsunG HDD has 5400 RPM speed & seagate 7200 RPM,does it matter.Can it be the reason of problem,can it cause incompatibility.Now i am using Seagate HDD as secondary Slave with Secondary Master DVD ROM.Its working but still facing problem in between,system gets up & then Hang suddenly.


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set the dip switch for the master as MASTER, the slave as SLAVE.
Put the MASTER at the end of the cable.
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Hi Tedster,

Samsung HDD (40GB 5400 RPM)is configured as master Jumper at IST position,
SEAGATE HDD (80 GB 7200 RPM),no jumper setting in this HDD.
CMOS bios shows Samsung as primary master & Seagate as Primary slave.
Still PC gets hang.


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Couple things:

You should be using an 80 wire 40 pin cable (ata 100.133).

Does your mobo support an IDE detect timer or staggered spin-up or both?

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Sorry i didnt get the meaning of this statement .Does your mobo support an IDE detect timer or staggered spin-up or both?Pls tell me then i can answer.

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My Asus P6GD1 bios allows me to set an IDE detect timer up to 35n seconds to ensure the drives can spin up and be recognized (I think that's whay anyway - lol) and also has a setting to allow staggered spin-up if I have a number of drives to prevent high psu loads with multiple drives all starting at the same time.

In your case, although the NEW drive is faster, it may take longer to spin-up to 7200 rpm versus the OLD 5400 OS drive.

This, the OS may be firing up before the mew drive is fully ready.


That new drive has no jumper required when in Slave mode as far as my reading tells me - should have a jumper tho.
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