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problem in sata raid

By rahimjalal
Sep 23, 2007
  1. Dear All.
    this is my 1 letter i am facing very strange problem regarding to sata raid configuration i try to install sata raid but fail with error 0x0000007b. i try every thing remove ram add new, removing graphic card & use onboard, try to switch sata cable of hard disk & dvd writer sata cable from one port to other then i read some article which suggest me this is problem of dvd writer which should be on pata so i remove sata writer & add pata rom, luckily screan change & from window setup screen change but this time other error, which is "hard disk did not found please check it press F3 to quit". When i restart system it showing hard disk as raid sata raid 298 gb but did not shows in ide in booting & not even in Bios. At last i delete all raid & install normal setup without raid configuration, i mark one thing that is my old hard disk did not have NCQ & newer has had. will this issue is conflicting & creating problem.
    please suggest me
    System configartion.
    intel core2 duo E6400
    Gigabyte Ga-G33M-DS2R
    2 Gb 800 Mhz Ddr2 Ram
    Nivada 7900 Graphic card
    2xWD-160 Gb Sata2 hard disk
    Thanking you
  2. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,157   +459

    To be honest I really don't understand everything you tried to say. Are you in the process of trying to install Windows XP? Not Vista, correct? It seems like you haven't installed the proper SATA/RAID drivers but I could be wrong if I've misunderstood the nature of the problem.

    If so, make a SATA/RAID driver floppy diskette from the motherboard CD according to the instructions in the motherboard manual. If you don't have the motherboard CD and/or the motherboard manual, download the drivers or manual from the Gigabyte website. If you don't have a floppy drive, borrow or buy one to make life easier for yourself. At the very beginning of Windows installation you will get a message to install third party drivers by pressing F6. Do so. An alternative is to slipstream Windows and the drivers onto one CD. Google for the procedure on how to do so.

    Also, you will need to install Windows with a PATA CD drive in XP.
  3. rahimjalal

    rahimjalal TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Dear, i already did all process of creating sata/raid drive floppy from motherboard cd & even i create the latest version of sata raid floopy by intel,i notice one thing after pressing f6 & upgrading sata raid from floppy it directly try to start setup process & then error appear, i think after raiding the softwear one last screen appear to for proceeding windows xp. after restart in Bios there is no hard disk only after boot when Ctrl-i warning appear for raiding there it show 2 hard disk & after one raiding hard disk with double of size.
    I think it raid properly but there is problem arises when f6 process going on.
    i want to know is NCQ & without NCQ hard disk is Ok? orr it creating problem.
    Waiting for reply.
    Thanks for your respond.
  4. rahimjalal

    rahimjalal TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Ok nice idea.
    I am trying to create raid driver along with windows xp cd with service pack2.
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