Problem: Missing Graphics in XP Search Window

By Keevil
Feb 28, 2007
  1. When I go to "My Computer" and select Search in order to look for files on my hard drive, some of window graphics are missing. I get the folders on the right, and the little dog on the left, but above the dog there is nothing but a blue background.

    This happened after I removed McAfee Virus Scan from the computer. Getting it all off was a problem. I first removed it using the Control Panel, but it still kept popping up. I went to a McAfee site where I downloaded a registry cleanup file, VirusScan.reg and ran it. It then told me to search for MCKRNL.VXD, and delete it. However, the Search window didn't come up properly. It gave me a small window titled Common Shell, and a message that said "I need ResXX\McShield.dll."

    After restarting the computer I got a message that I could not access the local server because of a problem with VsTskMgr.exe. Going to the Control Panel > Remove Programs I found the McAfee Virus Scan still there, so I removed it once again.

    Now I don't get any of those error messages when I start up and go to the
    Search window, but I'm missing the window bits I described above.

    Is there any solution to this other than reinstalling Windows? Thanks.

    Tom Keevil
  2. zipperman

    zipperman TS Rookie Posts: 1,179   +7

    I don't have any little dog,just a magnifying glass "searching"
    Have you tried
    Start Menu/Search ?
    Do a chkdsk for errors.

    This is how it should look.
    I don't have that file.
    A vxd is a video driver file.Hows your video working ?
  3. kdubal

    kdubal TS Rookie

    Missing Graphics in XP Search Window

    I had exactly the same problem. I tried the following and it worked:

    To resolve this issue, use the following methods in the order in which they are presented.
    Method 1: Reregister Jscript.dll
    1. Click Start, and then click Run.
    2. In the Open box, type regsvr32 jscript.dll, and then click OK.
    3. Click OK.
    You can go to this web site for more details:[/url]
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