Problem! Need help to fix

By Alderson94
Jan 1, 2007
  1. Okay before I get down to the actual problem here, im not a very good person with computers i mean the technical stuff but im that THAT dumb either so if you have abriviations that normal people would know please type them out so i can understand :D.

    Alrighty, yesterday i just rebooted my computer and now i cant get it to go again, it get the BSOD and it says unmountable_boot_volume and when I try to run in safe mode I get unable to load "vax347b.sys" so I found out it is from Alchohol120 which I have but I cant boot my computer to delete it.. someone help please!
  2. MrNemo

    MrNemo TS Rookie Posts: 48

    If you have another desktop sitting around, I'd take your harddrive out and run scandisk via windows on the other machine. Put it back in the problem machine and see if it boots. If you don't have another machine, boot off of your Windows CD and get to the recovery console (instruction abound on Google, and if you don't know the administrator password when you get to the command console, then the password is blank). Run chkdsk first (unless you ran scandisk when your drive was in another machine). Afterwards, run fixboot or, if that doesn't work after a restart, fixmbr, and see if you can boot after a restart. Finally, if nothing works, I'd pop your c drive in another machine, recover the data, and reinstall windows.
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