Problem Networking a Printer

By AsianGimp
Nov 30, 2005
  1. Just got a new Epson Stylus CX7800 printer and can't network it properly. Let me tell you about my network first. I have a netgear router and linksys hub. DSL modem is connected to the hub, then one wire from the hub to the uplink of the router, then 4 computers (PC #2 - 5) on the router. I have PC #1 on the hub because I only get 2 static IPs and PC #1 is using one IP while the other 4 are sharing the other. I can't seem to get any computers to find the printer or share. The PCs #2 - 5 see the system but not the printer. PC #1 doesn't see either. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. luvitupu

    luvitupu TS Rookie

    im a newcomer to this as well mate but have you set the printer up on the main dns which it is connected to and selected it as share this printer on the network then tell the others to connect to the printer and the main pc will install the drivers on the other pc,s.

    have you also tried installing the drivers for the printer on the other pc,s
    then tell them to look for the printer i think you might be best off running the network wizard on one then see if it works.

    dunno if this will help you but everylittle helps you could overloook the simplist of things.

    go on each pc and goto control panel and printers and add a printer to the pc then when the wizard is running tell it to look for a network or shared printer if it doesnt find it youll have to type in to tell it where to look for example \\printserver_name\share_name.
    printserver name is the name of the pc the printer is connected to and the sharename will be the name of the printer normally this is set to just printer as default on the network or whatever the name is you named it in its properties under the share tab
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