Problem outputting to TV (S-video)

By Gavin_Capacitor
Jan 5, 2008
  1. Ok, here goes: My brother recently got a Radeon X1650 PRO from HIS, as an upgrade to his older computer (PIII, geforce 2). It works well and has considerably improved his gaming preformance. However, the S-video out to the TV seems to be messed up. First the catalyst control center wouldnt let me extend my desktop to the TV, because apparently it can only do the DVI port and VGA port or the DVI port and TV (S-Video) port. After that when I would extend it to the TV, the TV just showed a black screen. I then tried a bunch of diffrent drivers (currently the catalyst 7.7) and what happens is the picture on the TV is black and white, and it keeps going down (like the vhold is messed up on an old TV). Whats strange is that during boot up the TV shows the POST messages and the windows logo fine... but as soon as it gets into windows it is messed up. I'm stumped, and this was his birthday present (this is the second card too, originaly it was a radeon 9600, but after that was DOA we upgraded to this)! Please help.
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