Problem Radeon X800 GTO

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I just replaced my Radeon 9600SE 128MB graphics card with a Radeon X800 GTO (AGP) 256MB card from Palit. With the old card I had no problems running FarCry or Half Life but problems running FEAR, hence the upgrade.

I am now having troubles running all games. They will all load to certain stage and then the screen goes black and I get the message “entering sleep mode” and the machine locks. I did have some early success with getting FarCry and FEAR going but as soon as I use some of the weapons that cause a flash the screen goes black and I get the sleep message and the machine locks up.

Motherboard GA-7VT600 1394
AMD Athlon XP 2800+ Processor
Philips LCD 170S4 monitor 1280X1024 60Mhz

PLease help
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Yes I did this a couple of days ago, same result. I haven't updated the BIOS software and I'll do this today.


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What is your power supply? What are the amps on the rails (+3.3v, +5v, +12v)? The 9600SE does not use as much power as your newer X800 GTO does. Perhaps your power supply cannot provide enough power to your new video card.
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I've solved the problem, put in a new power supply and everything is working beautifully, thanks everyone for your help.
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