Problem recognizing new external SATA external Hardrive

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Dec 29, 2006
  1. I just recently recieved this 250GB 3.5in eSATA External 7200rpm Hard Drive ( and I plugged it directly into my free SATA port on my mobo. I then followed the directions to format but after going to >Rightclick My Computer > Manage > Disk Management , the drive is not showing up at all. I double checked to make sure the power was going to the hardrive and double checked both ports to make sure everything was plugged in. Could anyone please help me figure out what I am doing wrong??? This external hard drive already came in a enclosure with a seal. The only thing I can think of is that it may also be set to be a Master?? but I didn't want to crack the enclosure, which would void the warranty, without knowing what to do. Below are links to the specs of my computer and mobo:
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    A sata drive has no master/slave jumper so that wouldn't be a factor in it not working. I believe you still have to load sata drivers to make the drive work. If the drive didn't come with them then you could probably download them form the manufacturer's website.
  3. riverwind

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    Thanks for your response fastco, I was just looking in the directions that came with the drive and it says if using Windows 2000/XP, no driver installation is necessary. Any other suggestions?? or is there a way to check to see if the SATA port on my mobo is working properly?? Thanks again to anyone with insight
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    You plugged a sealed external SATA drive directly into a free SATA port on your motherboard. Just how did you do this? External enclosures are USB aren't they?
  5. riverwind

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    Yes, this External SATA hard drive only uses the "L" type connections on both ends of the cable. One that plugs into the SATA port on mobo (or plugs into the extension from mobo) and the other end plugs into the enclosure. No options to use USB.

    The drive is here:
  6. riverwind

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    OK, got it figured out

    I now got it to recognize it, I had to go into the BIOS and manually turn on the SATA-2 port on my mobo. Thanks
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